Dermal Fillers and Injectables in Columbia, SC

Fillers. Injectable fillers. Dermal fillers. Facial fillers. Whatever you like to call them, their popularity is undeniable, and it’s not hard to understand why. These facial rejuvenation and enhancement treatments are a quick and efficient way to make a noticeable yet natural looking change without undergoing a surgical procedure. That said, it is also important to understand the risks as well as the benefits. Your plastic surgeon should explain to you in detail any risks associates with any procedure you are considering. It is important to have all the information, pros and cons, before you make your final decision. And don’t be afraid to ask specific questions!

While complications from fillers aren’t very common, and certain risks can depend on the type of filler used and other factors, rare potential risks could include (via The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – ASAPS)

Fillers derived from non-human sources may require a pre-treatment allergy test
Infection at the injection site
Fillers that are not completely fluid and contain microscopic granular substances carry a risk of “clumping” as a result of facial movement and the natural aging process. Over time, these can result in lumps or nodules that may require surgery to treat
Acne-like skin eruptions
Antibodies to filler material may reduce the effectiveness of future injections
Bleeding, bruising and swelling
Filler material may migrate from the original site and produce temporary paralysis of other muscle groups or other unintended effects
Skin might die (skin necrosis)
Skin rash, itching and swelling
Skin redness
Skin sensitivity
Under or over correction of wrinkles

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