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Breast Reduction in Columbia, SC

Discomfort and chronic pain can often accompany large breasts, motivating many women to seek a solution. A breast reduction can reduce the size of your breasts to provide relief and create a more proportionate figure. Dr. Wassermann of Plastic Surgery Consultants offers breast reduction treatments to the residents of Lexington County, Richland County, and the neighboring areas of South Carolina.

What is a Breast Reduction?

Often, excessively large and heavy breasts cause chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain, and can interfere with daily activities. With breast reduction surgery, Dr. Wassermann gives his patients a more proportionate figure that relieves their symptoms and improves self-esteem. He has performed extensive research on the efficacy and outcomes of breast reduction surgery and combines his detailed knowledge with an innovative touch to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results.

How Much Does a Breast Reduction Cost?

The cost of your breast reduction will vary depending on your specific treatment goals. To determine the exact cost of treatment, we invite you to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Wassermann. During your consultation, you will work with Dr. Wassermann to develop a personalized treatment plan that will satisfy your unique cosmetic goals. At this point, we will be able to provide you with the full cost of treatment. To help make our treatments accessible to those who need them, we accept a variety of payment options as well as financing.


    How is a Breast Reduction Performed?

    All breast reduction surgeries are performed with the aid of anesthesia to ensure that each patient remains entirely comfortable during the procedure. During surgery, incisions are made around the areola and extend down the breast and along the crease. Excess skin and tissue are removed and the breast is reshaped, coned, and lifted on the chest wall with elevation of the nipple. As part of the process, the areola can be reduced in size as well. Dr. Wassermann’s comprehensive breast reduction training and personalized surgical techniques minimize scarring. This procedure can take up to two hours or longer, depending on the results desired.

    What Kind of Results Can I Achieve with a Breast Reduction?

    Surveys of Dr. Wassermann’s previous patients have shown that 85 percent report complete relief of all pre-operative symptoms. The remaining 15 percent report an 80 percent reduction in their symptoms. This is in addition to a more balanced figure, improved posture, increased clothing options, and enhanced confidence. Average breast reduction weight loss is approximately 4.5 pounds at the time of surgery and 12 pounds six months post-surgery.

    What is Recovery Like Following a Breast Reduction?

    Typically, breast reduction patients at our South Carolina center are able to return to work and other light activities in one to two weeks.

    For more information about the breast reduction procedure, contact us today. Plastic Surgery Consultants offers breast reductions and other breast surgeries to women living in Columbia, Lexington, and the surrounding areas of South Carolina.