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PRP Therapy in Columbia, SC

PRP therapy is an advanced technique that has been used in sports medicine for years. Now, patients of Plastic Surgery Consultants can use the science of PRP therapy to achieve a range of cosmetic benefits. We offer PRP therapy to men and women living in the Columbia and Lexington, SC, areas.

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP therapy is an advanced treatment that can be used to treat a number of conditions. This treatment is performed using the growth factors found in the patient’s blood. When the platelet-rich plasma that contains these growth factors is injected into the treatment area, the natural healing abilities of the body kick in to produce a range of health benefits. PRP therapy can be used to stimulate hair growth, treat acne scarring, and provide incredible skin rejuvenation results.

How Much Does PRP Therapy Cost?

The cost of your PRP therapy will vary depending on your specific treatment goals. To determine the exact cost of treatment, we invite you to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Wassermann. During your consultation, you will work with Dr. Wassermann to develop a personalized treatment plan that will satisfy your unique cosmetic goals. At this point, we will be able to provide you with the full cost of treatment. To help make our treatments accessible to those who need them, we accept a variety of payment options as well as financing.

PRP for Hair Growth

With PRP therapy for hair growth, platelet-rich plasma is injected directly into the area of the head that lacks volume and thickness. This stimulates hair growth, causing a gradual increase in the thickness and amount of hair on the head. Patients will typically need multiple treatments to completely restore hair growth, but PRP therapy offers a safe and effective method of doing so.

PRP Facials

The benefits of a facial can be dramatically improved when combined with the benefits of PRP therapy. By combining PRP therapy with microneedling, patients can achieve incredible results that improve skin texture and tone. To learn more about microneedling with PRP therapy, visit our microneedling page.

What Can I Expect from PRP Therapy?

PRP therapy is a fairly straightforward treatment that causes minimal discomfort. First, blood will be collected and placed in a centrifuge to obtain a concentrated amount of platelet-rich plasma. Once the PRP is prepared, it is carefully injected into the treatment area. PRP therapy can take as long as an hour to perform, but may take longer when combined with other treatments such as microneedling.

When Will I See Results from PRP Therapy?

The results from PRP therapy tend to develop gradually as the growth factors in the blood plasma take effect in the body. Results often begin to become visible within a few weeks of treatment. Patients will notice more significant results about two months after treatment. In some cases, patients will need multiple treatments to achieve their desired results.

Is There Any Downtime After PRP Therapy?

There is no downtime required after PRP therapy. Patients are able to resume work, exercise, and other normal activities within hours of their appointment.

PRP therapy is a versatile and effective technique that can help patients achieve a variety of cosmetic goals. To learn more about the treatment or to schedule a consultation, contact us today. At Plastic Surgery Consultants, we welcome patients from Lexington County, Richland County, and the neighboring South Carolina communities.