Specials and discounts for brides, mothers of the bride, bridal party and grooms! 20% off all treatments with Melissa and 25% off if you bring a friend who also receives a treatment. This offer excludes surgery. Offers are good through March.

Procedure / Treatment: Micro-needling with PRP
Result: Glowing, smooth and radiant complexion
When To Come In: Two weeks before wedding

Procedure / Treatment: : BOTOX Cosmetic
Result: Smooth, wrinkle-free skin on forehead, no more crow’s feet or frown lines and/or higher, arched eyebrows
When To Come In: Three weeks before wedding

Procedure / Treatment: : Juvederm Ultra XC or Volbella
Result: Full, sexy lips and smooth skin
When To Come In: Four weeks before wedding

Procedure / Treatment:  Laser Hair Removal
Result: Eliminate all unwanted body hairs for care-free, hair-free beauty
When To Come In: Three months before wedding

Procedure / Treatment: : IPL Photorejuvenation
Result: Turns back the aging clock by eliminating sun damage, age spots, broken capillaries and rosacea
When To Come In: Three months before wedding

Procedure / Treatment: Legend Pro Cellulite Treatment Packages
Result: Smooth out unwanted cellulite
When To Come In: Three months before wedding

Procedure / Treatment: Skin Care Treatments
Result: Beautiful, clear, younger-looking skin with at-home skin care products available only through a medical doctor. You will throw away all your other skin care products for good!
When To Come In: Four months before wedding