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Otoplasty Before and After Pictures in Columbia, SC

Are your ears asymmetrical, disproportionate, or protruding? An otoplasty procedure by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Wassermann can help you correct any imperfections surrounding your ears. Located in Columbia, SC, Plastic Surgery Consultants serves the residents of Lexington, Columbia, and the neighboring cities.

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An otoplasty is a facial enhancement procedure more commonly known as ear surgery. This procedure is often performed on younger patients, though patients of all ages can enjoy results from an otoplasty. Whether you are self-conscious with the shape or size of your ears or you struggle from a genetic condition or injury, an otoplasty procedure may help to correct the structure of your ears. For many patients, it helps to harmonize their facial features and balance their entire appearance.

To see the results of otoplasty procedures on real patients like you, please view the following before and after pictures.

If you or a loved one is unhappy with the current appearance of their ears or has a condition that could be corrected with cosmetic surgery, contact Plastic Surgery Consultants today! Richard J. Wassermann, MD, MPH, FACS, is a board-certified plastic surgeon that performs high-quality otoplasty procedures on men and women of Columbia, Lexington, and the surrounding areas.